Sunday, May 16, 2004

So I'm all moved out of the Red House...and I've been out for a day now. It was saddening walking through the house for the last times, trying to scavenge whatever I could so that it wouldn't fall into Roy or TKE's hands. Stop signs, the annual house photos dating back to the early 90s... As much as I wanted to get out of the house and not be around certain people anymore, I will miss it. It really was a great place to live for 2 years.

So I'm at my friend Zach's old room, at 815 Sumner Ave. 2 blocks from campus, there will now be a slightly longer walk to class. It's very nice of his roomates to let me crash here rent-free for the week. I happen to share one of my Maymester classes with one of my housemates for the week. Speaking of which, the week should be utter hell...the Sociology class continues, but now the Writing 307 course meets for this week as well. 5 days...then I can get the hell out of Syracuse and be home finally. The work won't end then, but maybe some of the stress will. Friday can't come soon enough...::sigh::

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