Monday, October 18, 2004

Lots of posts today! New news from the world of Nintendo DS...(Dual Screen) the new Gameboy-esque system due out for Christmas. It will have two screens to play games on offering a myriad of new interesting, puzzling, and unfortunately some retarded new games.

I've just read about one of the first launching titles-Super Mario World 64 DS.

In this remake of the N64 classic, you run around with up to three other players and collect stars and golden coins strewn about the level, the very same coins which also littered every Mario Brothers adventure since the original. This disturbs me greatly. Somewhere deep in the Mushroom Kingdom, there lives an elderly man. He has paid into social security throughout the entirety of his 35 year career as a pipe sweeper, and after his sight was lost in the freak fireball incident which ended that career, his very survival has relied on an envelope full of coins which the Kingdom mails him monthly. Every month he undertakes that dangerous trek across the kingdom to the post office, and every month he unknowingly loses 90% of those coins on the way home through the hole in his pocket. He is only able to afford the most basic of ramen turtle soups, and was forced to move out of the sturdy question-mark lined house which he grew up in and into a tiny brick apartment that breaks apart at the slightest bump. This man lives in squallor just a heartbeat away from death, and we only have our own greed to blame.

Damn you Nintendo. Stop hurting the elderly.

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Jay/Jason said...

Freaks & Geeks... damn I'm jealous...Hey, do you know if PS2 can playback burnt DVDs? Syra-boose is here & you are there, nothing much else we can handle 'cept a spade or a club- better hope you're prez