Monday, December 13, 2004

"The clock is ticking, brothers and sisters. Counting down to Armageddon. The worm reveals itself in many guises across this once-great land, from the intellectual elite, cruely indoctrinating our children with the savage blasphemy of Darwin, to the craven Hollywood pagans corrupting them in the darkness of the local bijou. From the false prophets cowering behind our nation's pulpits, to the vile parasites in our banks and boardrooms, and the godless politicians, growing fat on the misery of their constituants. The signs of the end-times are all around us, etched in blood and fire by the left hand of G-d. You have but to open your eyes, brothers and sisters. The truth is, that the Devil is here! The anitchrist, the child of lies, the son of Darkness, walks among us cloaked in the flesh of a man. Does the Lord not weep at this degredation? Does he not tremble with righteous fury? And shall he not seek retribution? I open my eyes, and I see a black sky that tears apart and screams with the voice that is thunder! Rise up! Rise up brothers and sisters, and take your place at my side! For you shall be my sign, and your faith shall shine like a thousand suns, and the streets shall be sanctified with the steaming black blood of the heretics! And together, brothers and sisters, together we shall build a shining temple. The kingdom that will last for thousands and thousands of years." -Carnivale

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