Thursday, December 09, 2004

Haven't updated in awhile...thought tonight would be a good time since I'm wide awake and not going to bed anytime soon. Things are pretty good lately...busy and stressful but I can't complain about anything for myself. Other peoples' problems are more taxing than my own as usual. A relative is in the hospital, my brother may be moving to Florida for work and someone very close to me is going through a living hell with her family. It's been a bad December so far. You wish you could help but most often you can't at all. Life isn't perfect, and it's really hurting lately.

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The Retropolitan said...

Hey there Pete --

Just to catch up, I was wondering what you've been up to. I'm not sure if you're still at SU, or have graduated, since most of the people that I knew from the Red House had very vague educational things going on, at least from my perspective. As far as I could tell, being at the Red House had nothing to do with school, so I usually ended up meeting people of all ages. There were also homeless men, too. And some dogs. Once, a mailman. He didn't say what grade he was in either.

I hope all is well! You should update the blog more frequently.