Thursday, April 21, 2005

So movies I'm excited for?

1. Of course Star Wars Episode III Revenge Of the Sith tops the list.
2. Kingdom Of Heaven looks to be the best Crusade movie ever. Convert those infidels!
3. A Lot Like Love. Yeah it's Ashton Kutcher but his movies have really been enjoyable as of late.
4. Hitchhikers Guide To The Universe. Sounds interesting, looks interesting.
5. War Of The Worlds. Spielbergs next effort. Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning...oh yeah I can smell Summer Blockbuster.

And of course "The Sopranos" will begin shooting its sixth season April 29, but Imperioli said he hasn't yet seen a script. Creator and producer David Chase has said this will be the show's last season, but the cast hopes it will be otherwise.

Thank God. I need the last season. I need questions answered. I need to know Tony's fate. I need some Uncle Junior! So many things can's going to be crazy.

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