Monday, July 25, 2005

Excellent weekend! Niece and nephew came up on Friday night and we went to Fuddrucker's, hit up miniature golf, (where my nephew proceeded to hole in one on the very first hole and my niece's first hit was a chip into the [Tiger] woods. I hole in one'd 2 and so did Jess! We watched the Sandlot after since the kids had never seen it. Saturday we got some Pitch 'n Putt in finally. Not one of my better days but hey that's golf. Saturday night was off to Rebecca and Amy's in PA for an impromptu "our parents are away" party. Fun times :)

Family Guy episode last night was great and I'm excited the new season starts so soon-September 11! Hope they don't do any 9/11 themed jokes...I'm surprised the censors are letting as much as they are in the recent eps. Another workweek here and another workweek I'll beat down as we march closer and closer to the FFO rollout which has consumed my weekdays for the past 5 months.

And now some amusing links to end on an up-note :D

Man arrested for spraypaint-can huffing.

Mario with EVERYTHING removed.

And the best for last:

Third annual Paul Reubens' (Pee-Wee Herman) Day Sat., July 23 in San Francisco

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