Friday, July 08, 2005

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas...SEX SCANDAL!

As if it was immune to any more scrutiny...GTA: SA has been found to include coding for a "sex game" sequence involved with the girls Carl Johnson dates in the game. Politicians are getting all uppity but the actual footage is not accessible ANYWHERE in the game. It was simply some coding and scripts that were left in the program build and accessed by hackers. A patch is now out for this for PC players to unlock this.

"A few months ago, Barton Waterduck discovered a few sections of unused code in the PS2 version of San An for the girlfriend "missions". With a bit of memory hacking and such, he discovered these removed portions of mission scripting were to not only put the camera inside the girlfriends' house when you stop in for "coffee", but also to make a little mini-game of it. Now, with the magic of user-editable files on the PC, PatrickW was able to unlock the uncensored "coffee" segments for all to play with."

"It does work. Surprisingly however, it's pretty boring. The Sexual encounters become a rhythm based mini-game where you try to improve the "excitement" level of your lady friend. Positions can be changed with the left mouse button, and there's a whopping total of 3."

So what does this mean? Rockstar is going to take tons more abuse from parents who shouldn't have even been letting their children play this game in the first place due to violence. There was a reason there was an "M" for Mature on the box...this isn't a kiddie game.

Random comments on these articles:

"I was going to say that maybe the idea of a game where the main character had sex with a naked girl with his blue jeans on and fastened took away from the realism and
was untrue to his character. That's just me though."

"Brothers don't dry hump. Brothers poundthatshit."

"If you look hard enough, there is pornography everywhere. I've seen kids playing with barbie dolls with no clothes, does this mean that Toys R Us has an obligation to place a sexual warning on each display?"

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The funny thing is you can have sex in The Sims 2...they just call it WooHoo and you don't really see anything. Personally I don't think they should be held accountable for something they left in the coding but is not accessible anywhere in the game without modifying the code, which I believe is a violation of the EULA laws/contract.

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