Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Princteon Review details of SU:

Undergraduates have many different opinions about what the typical student at Syracuse is like. Many students say that the most visible group "comes from a lot of money and enjoys partying." Others note a seemingly disproportionate number of Long Islanders and "Soprano country" kids. But the numbers don't lie; Syracuse has strong diversity numbers, both ethnic and geographic. Although inherent diversity exists, students note that, "no one communicates outside their own group." The university tries to facilitate interaction, however, with "good programs for sexual orientation, gender, and racial equality." A senior comments, "There seems to be a high level of openness and no real pressure to conform to any popular standard." One student says, "I lived on a floor with hippies, frat guys, and architecture students, and it was still calm." Another student adds, "We're a melting pot of aspiring youth stuck in winter. We're like, 'Why not just all accept each other?'"

LOL I remember living on a floor with hippies, "Stumpies," Architecture, Comm, Artists, Drama students, rich bitches, Preppy guys, and everything else. SU sure was pretty damn diverse.


The Retropolitan said...

"We're a melting pot of aspiring youth stuck in winter."

That pretty much sums up Syracuse.

Peter said...

Damn straight. Siberiacuse to the rescue!

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with your views!

Peter said...

I love anonymous posters...leave your name! Don't be a lurker.