Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So work is complete HELL this week. FFO rollout is in full steam and I'm still solely in charge of Operations. Peter + Operations + Only Peter On Operations = Nightmare. Easy math! I swear the only thing that has kept me going the past 2 days is Starbuck's Breakfast Blend. Oh thank you Ms. Starbucks your hopping me up on caffeine has helped immensely. At least the days seem to go by faster. It's 11:20 already....!

Watched Team America last night...Arrec Barrwin hahaha. Hopefully I'll get the chance to check out The Jacket tonight. 99.7% done with the Da Vinci code. Jess was really sick last night so I waited up to make sure she was alright. So it seems like after all this time of people not going their seperate ways some are starting to. But the funny thing is they aren't REALLY. I'll explain...my group of friends is pretty unique in that a LARGE number of us are still friends this long after high school. I've known some of my friends as far back as preschool. Usually during college you fall away from a lot of your friends. If not when you graduate and begin to get jobs and move you lose touch. This still hasn't happened a year after graduation. The girls who are teachers are still kind of local. Those few who are either still in school or in law school aren't that far. Jesse is moving to Baltimore for 6-9 months for his job at Hess but it's temporary, and Baltimore isn't that far... Amar is going to Austrailia for September but will be back beginning of October. Kevin's family moved but they moved 10 minutes away...so he's actually closer to my office than my house lol. Michelle's moving in with her bf Drew, to Edison which is cool. I live alone 3/4 of the year when the 'rents are down in Florida so any extra company is always welcome. It's really fortunate that so many friends have kept close touch. It's something I really don't see very often. And I still keep in touch with a good deal of college friends. I hope for the most part that never changes :)

Met a new friend in the Bridgewater area-Beth. She seems super cool and I can't wait for Jess and I to hang out with her and her bf at some point. Yay for making new friends :P

Back to work...St. Peter don't ya call me cuz I can't go...I owe my soul to the company store...

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