Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stolen from Kotaku:

A blogger got a chance to have a quick chat will Williams about gaming while the comedian was working on a film in the area.

Here’s the conversation:

“Hey Robin - do you still play online games?”
“Oh way too much!” he said.
“What are you playing these days?” I asked
“Battlefield 2 - the 2 stands for 2 in the morning.”
“Oh really? What class do you like?”
“What class do you like to play as?”
“Oh - the sniper. I’m always the sniper!” he said enthusiastically.
“Well I’ll watch out for you”
“Well you can try - but by the time you see me you’ll be dead!!”

LOL oh Robin.


Found an interview from awhile back confirming Robin loves the games I do as well :)

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