Sunday, August 13, 2006

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* As impressive as Kingda Ka may be, it is worth noting that it is not the first of its kind. While Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm was the first hydraulically-launched coaster, Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point (the coaster which formerly had the title of "fastest" and "tallest" prior to the completion of Kingda Ka) is the most similar in design. All of these coasters were manufactured by Intamin. The most notable difference between Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster is that Top Thrill Dragster lacks Kingda Ka's second hill; it instead has a flat brake run. Kingda Ka's tower is 36 feet (11 m) taller than Top Thrill Dragster's, and its launch is 4 mph (6.5 km/h) faster. Another notable difference is that Kingda Ka lacks Top Thrill Dragster's "christmas tree" starting lights, making it hard to know exactly when the launch will occur.

* Kingda Ka is different from Xcelerator in that, like Top Thrill Dragster, it lacks Xcelerator's double banked turns near the end of the ride.

* The downward spiral actually twists slightly less than 270 degrees, because the second hill is angled back toward the station rather than parallel with the launch track. On the other hand, Top Thrill Dragster's brake run is parallel to its launch track, so it spirals a full 270 degrees on the way down.

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* It is less than one foot taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza, however the original height of the pyramid was 481 ft. - 25 ft. taller than Kingda Ka.

* It is 151 feet (46 m) taller than the Statue of Liberty, including its pedestal and base. Interestingly, the Statue itself (not including its pedestal and base) is that exact height - 151 feet tall.

* At the top of the first hill, riders feel negative g force.

* At the bottom of the first hill, riders experience 3-4 times the normal g force on earth.

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* Kingda Ka is 45 stories tall.

* Kingda Ka never runs in the rain, even a slight drizzle, due to the potential hazards of traveling through the rain at 128 mph.

* Kingda Ka's launch is almost double the speed of the launch of the park's Batman & Robin: The Chiller (70 miles per hour or 110 km/h).

* Kingda Ka's hydraulic launch motor is capable of producing 20,800 horsepower (15.5 MW) peak.

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* Kingda Ka is visible from the NJ 37 bridge connecting Toms River, New Jersey to Seaside Heights, New Jersey, 34 km or 21 mi from Six Flags Great Adventure.

* Kingda Ka is briefly visible directly ahead when passing exit 8 on Interstate 195.

* Kingda Ka is almost double the height of Nitro, the second tallest roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure (230 ft or 70 m).

* Kingda Ka's second hill is higher than the highest points of the park's Rolling Thunder, Batman: The Ride and Skull Mountain. The second hill is also only 13 feet (4 m) shorter than the highest point of Medusa.

* One of the park's tigers, a rare golden tabby bengal tiger cub, is named Kingda Ka after the coaster.

* The skylines of Philadelphia to the left, New York City to the right and Atlantic City to the back-left can be seen from the top of the tower.

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