Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lumines Live is FILTHY with Micro-transactions-Kotaku

This is cheap and insulting...If the consumer has money, and you want that money, you're not more apt to get it by micro-transactions. You're more apt to piss said consumer off and have them boycott your current and future endeavors.

It's all about quality, and the volume that results. If you released Lumines as a straight port from the PSP, I would have paid $20-$30. I don't think micro-transactions are "the future" but they definitely are a nice way to ADD content to a game and increase its longevity.

For instance let's take Obvlivion. While horse armor was retarded, the extra "dungeons" like Mehrune's Razor, or the Bandit Lair, I thought those were awesome and I'd fork over a few bucks for that added fun. Same thing with Guitar Hero...if they have micro-content as in NEW SONGS....I'd buy a pack of 10 new songs for about $10. THAT'S smart micro-transactions.

Selling a crippled game is a horrible move. ESPECIALLY since this is a cross-platform effort, where a Sony title is just breaking out into Microsoft territory. You'd think they'd want to do EVERYTHING possible to help it succeed. Seeing as a large portion of XBox owners may likely not even own Sony hardware or have played it before.

Maybe because this is an XBLA title they can get away with shafting you. But if Sony is on the way (as is Nintendo) with releasing FULL fledged games (even if they're old ROMs) of higher quality on their comparable "live" services, Microsoft will have a hard time of it if this is to be their strategy.

I was really excited for Lumines Live....and I'm incredibly glad I bought Bully last night and played that. i forgot to download Lumines, and it's a damn good thing. I'll wait until they realize sales could be better, and bundle the full game.

"Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another premium download."

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