Thursday, November 30, 2006

So this was amusing...I was at the doctor's a few weeks back and the only magazine there interesting at all was Blender. Beyonce Knowles told them that she created an alter ego named Sasha who she turns into whenever she's feeling doubtful about herself. A little Googling later on and I found the quote.
She says:

"When I feel uncomfortable about something, I tell myself, 'I'm Sasha, I'm a diva, I'm fierce, I can do it.' And then I can. Sometimes when Beyonce slips through, I'm like 'Hold up, come back!' Sasha protects me. It's a good way to keep sane."

Yes, creating imaginary characters in your head is definitely the best way to keep sane. I've got this dude named Clifford in my head. He tells me to cut people. Without him I don't know what I'd do. Maybe lead a normal life of not cutting people? Funk that. Clifford knows what's up! He's got my back and that's why he's my bestest friend in all the world.

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