Monday, December 18, 2006


Today I bought a Nintendo Wii, so I thought I'd brag about it a little!

First of all, this is the console. I'll open it up. You can use it like this, standing vertically!

Let me show you the controllers are well. For the controller, you hold this wiggly one in your right hand (Pal: fish sausage, delicious). The other one, the one for the left hand, is this one, which is a little dry and coarse (Pal: Umai Bou...comes in countless flavors, ranges from delicious to disgusting).


Now, let's actually play!

*Sign shows the Kameda brothers, pro boxers*

This is the boxing game.


Hooray! Hooray! (Yatta...many will recognize this word)

...I want ooooone!

*Sign: I want a real Wii!!*

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