Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Generally I like American Idol. It's amusing and one of the few talent-based competitions on tv today. (So help me God if you say Deal Or No Deal I will take you out, there is NO strategy in that game)

Survivor was amusing but at this point it's more scripted than anything. Dancing With The Stars, ok I do like that show, and The Biggest Loser has a good premise like Celebrity Fit Club.

There's some genuinely talented people on Idol; Even though Clay Aiken didn't win, I liked his really gay song anyways. When Clay Aiken shut up Kelly Ripa by putting his hand over her mouth I think he deserved a Medal of Honor. It seems like the 2cd place contestant ends up getting a record deal no matter what. Ruben Studdard, Kelly Clarkson, all good singers and have put out good albums.

Now we come to Taylor Hicks....
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If this is the best singer America can come up with in a nationwide talent search, it's time to just give up on new music forever. It's like someone threw Kenny Rogers and Air Supply into a blender, blended until what little talent there was went away and kept the hair and awkward dancing.

What I REALLY can't believe is that he had 2 albums before his Idol "debut." I have nothing against singers of any age or background, but this guy just doesn't work. Pearl Jam may have given me hope for great bands of the past to keep it up, but new music feels so screwed.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing that people can be so aboslutely closed minded. Taylor's earlier works (pre-idol days) are awesome and with a lot of stuff written by him. His "idol" album is very produced and he admits that it isn't what he prefers, but once he gets past them, he will get back to his old ways.

I have extremely eclectic taste in music and like a number of genres of music. His music is just awesome and I personally cannot wait till he gets back out from under Idol's wing.

You don't like him and that's fine, so don't buy his albums or listen to him, that's your perogative. I just wanted to put in my .02.