Monday, April 02, 2007

I've been waiting for the Grand Theft Auto IV fallout to begin. And so it has!

Kotaku has an article up about the recent "politicos" in NYC ranting and raving about how this violent video game is set to take place in New York City.

"Take-Two just can't catch a break. After the ousting of it's CEO earlier this week, their impressive new trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV hit the internets to many a gamer's delight. But apparently not everyone was excited to see it. I don't think there's any confusion over the fact that the setting for the new title is based completely on New York City, a fact that did not escape the notice and ire of NYC's political leaders. A New York Daily News article has a plethora of uninformed quotes by politicos that are all worthy of reading, but I will list the best ones right here:

Setting Grand Theft Auto in the safest big city in America would be like setting Halo in Disneyland - City Councilman Peter Vallone

The mayor does not support any video game where you earn points for injuring or killing police officers, - Jason Post, spokesman for Mayor Bloomberg.

and even this quote taken directly from the writers of the article...

In previous incarnations, players advanced through the game by killing cops, selling pornography to children and killing prostitutes."

Flynn De Marco goes onto state:

"I'm not even going to begin to delve into the myriad inaccuracies in these quotes, I'll leave that for you to do in the comments. But what I will say is that the hypocrisy happening here is overwhelming. What makes this any worse than the countless films in which NYC is depicted as the home to murderers, rapists and con-men? And what about the ones where the city is completely destroyed outright by outside forces? I have the feeling that if GTA IV had been a movie and Take Two was paying the city for its use, the reactions from these sanctimonious blow hards would be quite different."

Hell Heroes takes place mostly in NYC and involves the apocalypse but you don't see anyone complaining about that. All the lawyers are rushing home to watch on Monday nights.

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