Friday, June 25, 2004

I thought this was really cool.

So it's Friday YAY. And I'll be out of work in another measley 5 hours! W00t! Final party preps are in order. Got to put up the lights on the tents tonight. Yes, yesterday I came home to find them already set up. Which is sort of a bad thing, because with the tents up Mom just freaks out more. She's like the PARTY IS TOMMORROW! And it's not for 2 days. So the tile guys are at the house today finishing up the kitchen wall tiling. That makes it worse too because she thinks the house will be demolished by Sunday. No winning with her lol. So it's a definite! Jared and Asa will be at the party on Sunday. And it looks like Amy, Meryl, and Sasha will probably make it too.

So I totally got no sleep last night. Maybe it was the fact that when I laid down at 6:50 and set my alarm clock for an hour and fifteen minutes, and then proceeded to sleep until 9:35. I was supposed to be at Tammy's at 9, but that didn't happen lol. Amar knew something was wrong because I didn't text him back in under 30 seconds when he texted me ;P We ended up going to Cryan's which was, SURPRISE!, a highschool reunion of sorts. Green Knoll Bar and Grill was a nightmare at 5pm when I passed it on my way home from work, so I knew we weren't getting in anyways. When they stopped by there it was a 30 minute wait just to get into the PARKING LOT. Then it's like 25 minutes for every drink, according to Scott.

Hopefully it will be an awesome weekend-I can't wait for my party and to see all the friends from school. I really hope everyone can make it! A lot of people who I thought couldn't are suddenly becoming very resourceful. :P So tonight might be Cryan's 80s night...which I'm not that excited for. I lived the 80s, I've got so much 80s's not going to be amazing unless people went dressed in 80s fatigue lol. Ah do I miss THOSE college parties. Our 80s party was the bomb...I think those shorts I had were So maybe not Cryan's or maybe Cryan's for a little bit. But definitely a movie. Think Amar, Scott, Jess and maybe a few others will be down for that. I'm glad I'm getting to spend a good amount of time with Jess, cuz with work starting I didn't know how much our schedules would match. So Boo to the Yah for that!

I have a feeling it's gonna be a good Friday (no pun intended), and and an amazing weekend!

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