Thursday, July 08, 2004

So I just realized today is THURSDAY. God bless you shortened week due to July 4th! Tommorrow is FRIDAY, and that is good. Very good. Saw Spidey 2 again Tuesday night. Spent last night with Jess, Matt, and Andrew. Things are going really well with Jess. I'm so glad I met her back in March-I think it made the whole situation just less nervous for me, but not so much on her side according to Jess :) We've been seeing eachother fairly often, and often more often (lots of oftens in this sentece lol)than we have planned. That's good though, I love seeing her and we always have a great time whenever we get together. Everyone's been very accepting and the family all approves. I've got a great job, and I'm getting tons of things done lately.

Life is good.

Go life, go.

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