Thursday, October 28, 2004

So it's my last day of work. Julio's backed up all my files here. I'm not leaving a damn thing on this computer :) I even get to leave a little early today. So yay for Thursday, and today is technically a Friday since I don't have to work tomorrow. It's Halloween this weekend, but more importantly it's road trip time with the girl. I've been looking forward to getting back to visit Syracuse mucho this fall. Haven't been back since I left that last week in May. So many things were different then, and that semester, not to mention graduation, kind of ended with a sour taste in my mouth due to the Red House Embarassment as I've come to call it.

Asa's still up in 'Cuse working at the local Wegman's. (I'm always amused by how they know of mine in Bridgewater, and the newly built but not yet fully operation (hahahah SW) Wegman's in Ocean by my gf. The Red Housers who didn't graduate are still up there-Carl, Kate, Russel, Brandy, Zach, (yes I consider him a full-fledged Red Houser!). Chris Hall is still up there, as well as Kat, Bekkah, Christine, Jenny, Jen, Carlynn. Ok yeah so you get the point, there's a lot of people still up there ;) Work has kept me so busy this fall that I haven't had a chance to get up until now. I can't wait. This is going to be an awesome weekend. Kate's having a confirmed Halloween Costume party so we've even got definite plans. It'll be good to drop in on the old boss too and demand my reccomendation letter :D And Cosmo's wings...dear Lord thank you for that sweet, sweet nectar of life. Gotta work on my costume tonight...if it's ever going to be ready! :D Details to follow after the weekend jump :)

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