Thursday, August 18, 2005

I was looking at the VIVO press release on the ineranet and they mentioned:

"The world’s largest corporations have selected Intellisync as their mobility solution standard, including America Online, Crédit Agricole, Domino’s Pizza, Guidant, Microsoft, NTT DoCoMo, Oracle | PeopleSoft, Pfizer, Target, T-Mobile, Union Pacific, Verizon Wireless and Yahoo! For more information, please visit

R0x0rs! My company's on the up and up!


Anonymous said...

Intelliseek Again Will Monitor Consumer 'Buzz' for 2006 Super Bowl Ads
The National Football League's preseason activities are focused on the field, but advertisers are already beginning to make decisions about whether to buy multi-million-dollar 2006 Super Bowl ads.
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Peter said...

I most certainly will. Who's this?

Anonymous said...

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