Thursday, September 29, 2005

The "Farkers" on the boards were arguing about Star Wars since Lucas has seen fit to release another DVD of the original trilogy but without the extra bonus features disc. One Farker made a very interesting point about why so many fans are angry about the whole "Han shot first/Greedo shot first" change:

"And what is wrong with Greedo shooting first?"


When Han shot first, it gave the audience the impression that he was a true scoundrel. He would kill, lie, cheat, or whatnot to save his own skin. He was in it just for the money. That way, during the "trench run" when the Millenium Falcon comes out of nowhere for the save, you get the feeling of Han making a decision to do the right thing, even though its against his prior nature.

Now, it doesn't give nearly that same feeling.

In my opinion in the end, the scene itself isn't the point. The hardcore fans don't even care about the scene itself. What they're pissed about is their perceived notion that George Lucas is messing with "their" classic fairy tale. It's like Spielberg swapping guns for cellphones. I guess it's considered some sort of geek blasphemy. Personally, I just liked the thought of Han being a dangerous guy who could do what had to be done, not a pansy. :P

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