Monday, October 03, 2005

I came across this quote regarding Nintendo and the Revolution. Thought it was pretty interesting:

"It blows my mind that Nintendo has so effectively proven that they ‘get’ it. How so? The Revolution controller. What? Yeah, that magic wand thing probably is the future of gaming. And furthermore, in the “next-gen” launch lineup it is starting to look like Nintendo is the only company that will deliver a truly next-gen gaming platform. Compared to the Revolution, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are simply expensive upgrades to existing platforms."

Really that's all Microsoft and Sony are doing...upgrading the technology which worked for the past few console wars but from here on in it's time to tap the larger market that aren't hardcore gamers...time to evolve the controller to something even cooler that you can do so much more with. Go Nintendo.


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JMB said...

wow the previous person "found many interesting information here" maybe they should make sure their scripts leave posts without grammatical errors..... i just loathe that crap...

Peter said...

You're telling me. What a breath of fresh air when I have a REAL commenter.