Friday, September 16, 2005

So gas is finally going down! The local Hess station had $2.99 gas last night and by the time I went to get some around 8pm they were sold out. That's never happened to me before lol but at least the next cheapest was $3.05. I can deal with that.

So today at the Tokyo Game Show conference the Nintendo Revolution controller details were released! Fanboys rejoice! There had been a lot of speculation...(Build Your Own!)

And definitely some *over-speculation*
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Here's the keynote speech minute by minute.

And IGN's hands-on with the controller.

"For months, years even, we've been hearing Nintendo reiterate that it does not want to be part of the same battle that Sony and Microsoft are deeply entrenched in. This was an important message from Nintendo in our meeting. It wants to explore uncharted waters, be a blue ocean company, and not find itself sailing the bloody waters where the competition resides."

Main controller features:

* 3D Pointing. Sensors understand up, down, left, right, forward and backward.
* Tilt Sensitive. Controller can be rotated or rolled from side-to-side.
* Buttons Included. Has a trigger on its backside, face buttons, and a D-Pad.
* Multifunctional. Has an expansion port which can be used with different types of controller peripherals. Analog stick with two trigger buttons planned for left hand.
* Wireless. Totally wire-free. Currently there are no details on the max distance, source or power, or otherwise.
* Rumble Built-in. Included as a standard in all the controllers.

Here are some more "fake controllers" designed by Nintendo fanboys. A few had me really cracking up.

Nintendo For Women
Nintendo For Men
Atari Oldskool
Actually a good design
Overdoing it...

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