Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pearl Jam has a new album coming this year...and as a dedication here are some of my favorite Eddie Vedder quotes of all time:

"We're very reluctant to disclose song meanings. If a person lends their own interpretation of a song, it becomes their song, too. Music for some people is very personal; they need it.

"If you just feel like saying, '**** this, **** that, **** everything, **** you -- I'm getting the **** outta here... Living is the best revenge..."

"Hey Listen A$$hole, one more ****er throws a ****ing quarter out here, and we're out of here, I'm tellin ya ****er, what the **** your blowin it for ****in everybody. Hit me with a ****ing quarter again, and **** it, I'm outta here, we're all outta here, **** you, and if anyone sees someone throw change right next to them, you have my permission to personally beat the ****ing holy shit out of them. Thank you very much, ****ing idiot. AHhhhhh, that felt good. Thank you." -After being pelted with quarters from some moron.

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