Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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So I've got my XBox 360 and is a sweet piece of hardware. Way to go Microsoft, you've entered the hardware business finally. The XBox was an asthetic nightmare, however the 360 looks like it could belong in any living room.

So people WERE camping. It was pouring but tents and the like were up outside of Best Buy last night. My pickup was painless and prompt. Stopped at EB at 10 to get my ticketed number, (11). My guesses were very accurate as there were only about 20 preorders on shipment 1. I'm glad I'll be nowhere near that mall until Black Friday if we decide to brave that.

What surprised me most isn't that there were campers, or even parents with young boys, or even girl gamers. The most surprising thing was the solo-parents who were really committed to getting that Christmas gift for their kid. It's kind of touching in a way. There definintely was that 30-something hippie guy who labeled him self an "radical liberal." Damn sandal wearing hippies.

Manhattan....Kansas...see the campers

NJ Target Camper Interviews

XBox 360 Inventory Locator

And here are the 5 rules of NO NOs for Camping Line Etiquette:

#1 Consorting with store employees. The quickest way to turn the line against you, Benedict, is to laugh it up with employees. From the line's perspective, they've already hoarded two-thirds of the available consoles and are guilting the weak minded into purchasing outrageous bundles and/or warranty plans.
#2 Pulling your car up to the curb and blasting the radio. You may think that everyone loves country music as much as you do, but they don't. Just wear headphones and keep the humming to a minimum.
#3 Wearing "I Love Morgan Webb" T-shirts. It's just obnoxious. Besides, just because we didn't think to wear ours, doesn't mean we don't feel the same way!
#4 Playing football. You're not fooling anyone. We know you've never played a sport in your life. Don't start at the launch line where one bad pass could end with several cracked PSP screens.
#5 Saving spots. Don't expect it to be all candy and roses if your pals try to sneak into line with you 5 minutes before the doors open. Countries have gone to war over less and you will not survive it.

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Bill couldn't get any more gay...
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I WON! This guy is lucky he didn't get JACKED or knocked the (@*#*(@ out leaving Best Buy. Most stores had a 1-console limit but jerks like this, everyone will always believe he's off to scalp it.
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