Monday, June 28, 2004

Hey-ya! So yesterday was my grad party and it was amazing. I always get a little nervous before big events like that and second guess myself as to whether I really should have had it. But that always happens and I go in fine, and come out amazing lol.

It was a hectic day...I got up around 8 and started cleaning my room immediately. Brought some things down to the basement, and then started setting up the chairs and food tables. Soon Dad and I went out to pick up the pastries from Randazzo's (which was amazing btw). The son of the owner was getting married that day, so they were closing early and we had to get there right away. We stopped at the Super Saver liquor store, but they didn't open till 12, so even though it was 11:45 we ran back to the house cuz Mom needed the checkbook to pay Sorriano's for the catered food.(Which was also pretty good!) I ran out again then for 10 bags of ice, and a huge keg-tub for which to store the beer etc. Then I had to run back for more beer, another 6 bags of ice, and some other oddities. By the time I got back my sister and niece had shown up and were helping to show up. That's something that really rocked. My sister is always thoughtful like that and Alyssa was a big helper as always lol. She whined until she was allowed to come too :) So we set up and I actually had the stereo hooked up just as family was getting there at 2. It was good to see all of them in one place at one time.

So friends came at all different points. Andrew was the first, because he had gotten off for 2 hours from work, so he came to chill, then came back later after his shift. As for everyone else they all started to really pour in around 4-5. Among the out of staters were Meryl, Jared, Deana and Zach. Who all traveled about 2-3 hours to come. That was so awesome. I was really missing some school friends, and since some are moving to the west coast or elsewhere I didn't know if I'd get to see them again. Some I know I will but others I'm going to have to visit. I hope we stay in touch. Yesterday made me realize just how many people I'm friends with. And the really awesome thing is that a lot of them are still highschool friends too who I've never lost touch with. Of course we'll see how things work now when we all start to move to different areas etc. If we stay in touch even then, then you know it's going to last a long time lol.

So people petered out (no pun there) after 9 o'clock because just about all of us had work in the morning. So Andrew, Jess, and Jared stayed up for a bit later and we watched part of Surf Ninjas lol. Such a cheesey movie but funny as hell. Finally crashed around 1:30am, and now I'm at work today back to the grind. But in a great mood, and Spidey 2 is out this week, and Spiderman 2 PS2 is out this week too. Boo to the yah!

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