Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ok so tons of people keep complaining and bitching that I don't update my blog anymore like I used to. I'm actually kind of surprised at the frequency some of you check this lol. So here's a little update for all you dedicated readers:

Beginning of February I finally got hired by a company called IntelliSync. 5 years ago PumaTech and Synchrologic merged to give us IntelliSync. Based out of Alpharetta, GA and San Jose, CA (with many offices across the country and world) IntelliSync deals with File Synchronization and mobile data synchronization as well. We have many vendors but our biggest client is the pharmaceutical Pfizer. Pfizer has tons of travelling employees who visit doctors and introduce new drugs, sample packs, give speeches, etc. These mobile users need a way to synchronize their data or portions of a collective database while on the road. IntelliSync developed a suite of 8 programs that does just this in a very interesting manner, to which I cannot elaborate hence evil competitors might find it via a sneaky Google search :P

So after like 2 dozen interviews within a month I finally got hired by IntelliSync. Great benefits, great pay, excellent upward (and horizontal) mobility. It's a very scalable starting position. Not to mention the branch I work out of in Bedminster, NJ is about 10 minutes from home. So Feb 28-March 4 I flew down to Georgia for a week of training. I got home that Friday after 3 plane delays, and then 2 days later left for spring break with Jess, my girlfriend. We spent the week down in Fort Myers Beach which was a nice way to relax before rejoining the workforce. So I've been working officially for about 2 weeks now and it's going excellent. It's a lot of hard work, studying, learning the systems inside out, but I've been enjoying it so far.

So that's what's up in the world of Pete. In 2 weeks and a day I turn 23. It's time for me to really find out if nobody likes you when you're 23. I say it often enough, so ironically we'll see :P That's the humdrum and humble on this side of the GSP.

Hope everyone who's working is doing well, everyone at 'Cuse is keeping warm, and anyone I haven't talked to in forever and a day understands I've been b to the usy the past 4 months.


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