Thursday, March 31, 2005

Reast easy Theresa Schiavo.

Here's an email written sometime last week.

Shes NOT a vegetable - and PVS is not even a medically agreed upon diagnosis or defnition, it's what some doctors call people when they don't see much hope of them coming out of it. But some do, in fact 43% of PVS improve and some have woken up entirely. PVS is just what they call you when nothing seems to be working, but every single case is completely different.

She is not in a coma, she is not even on life support. The only thing she can't do is swallow food, and they haven't tried in over 10 years to see if that works now too. She appears to respond to stimulus, the videos are pretty convincing. She also appears to have emotions - though idiot doctors are saying they are spontaneous. Hard for me to see if someone is smiling, that they aren't feeling happy on some level.

The whole case rests on the fact that her ex husband, who was cheating on her at the time her heart stopped and is suspected of having abused her, doesn't want any more of the millions he won in the malpractice case used for her care, because he doesn't give a crap about her. He has a live in girlfriend for 10 years, and 2 children with her. and right after terry got sick, he had all of terrys cats put to sleep because he hated them. Meanwhile this dude's whole argument is that terry "said" she wouldn't want to live in this state. Before. No one else ever heard her say that, she never wrote it, or signed a document saying that AND he didn't bring it up until she was IN this state for 10 YEARS, and AFTER he got his award money.

Whether she is aware or not isn't the issue as miuch as the fact that there is no way of knowing 100% if she is aware or not, OR if she will ever improve. Some suddenly snap out of it like nothing every happened. She may be conscious and aware, but simply lacks the brain capacity to outwardly respond to stimilus - and if that were true, we'd never have a way of knowing.

Point is, is you have to err on the side of LIFE, unless you have a clear indication not to. Some estranged husband's wish to kill her because it's sapping his award money, is not a credible PROOF that she wanted to die. We have to assume she wanted to live. Period.

The Catholic position on this is very clear. And as Catholics we should support it. Terri has a fundamental right to live, without outside interference. Technically, allowing herself to die, is a mortal sin by Catholic law. For others to allow this is also against Catholic law - and Terri is Roman Catholic. Her husband keeps talking about her going to be with the "Lord", when he is doing something against that very God's wishes and His laws.

This is more about the left and liberals wanting to push a culture of death, so they can conveniently euthanize and kill anyone they think is "inconvenient" or a sap on our resources. The same people who want to kill infants in the womb, and draw arbirtray lines when that is ok to kill and when it is not. They are drawing a line that it's ok to kill the incapacitated, because one dude SAYS thats what she would have wanted. Thats a bad precendent and a slippery slope. Only ONE other society in history promoted the euthanasia of the disabled... Hitler and Nazi Germany. What I love are the same people who are pro-abortion are the same screaming lesbians who say Scott Peterson is guilty of TWO murders. One was a baby in the womb. These same people say aborting a baby in the womb is not murder. It's crazy. What the world is coming to, is that life is only valuable if it's WANTED. A baby in the womb is only murdered if it was WANTED; if she wanted to abort it, it wouldnt be murder. And same with terry schiavo. Her husband doesn't WANT her. And he is her legal guardian (and wont "divorce" her or release guardianship to her parents, who love her and will take care of her for the rest of her life, even if she STAYS this way. He WANTS her dead.

The final contradictory argument is, these "right to death" activists love to say that we should be merciful and kill people to end their suffering. But with Terri Schiavo, these same people are saying she is incapable of feeling suffering when they slowly starve and dehydrate her to death (which no one can know for sure). If she isn't capable of suffering, then her quality of life isn't bad and why kill her at all??? Makes zero sense.

Heres one simple, final last way to look at it. Even if we accept that it is ok to be merciful those that are "dying" by helping the process along, the truth is - we can ease their suffering without killing them and let nature take its course, as if you are truly "dying" you will "die" Terri Schiavo is NOT DYING. She will stay awake alive and function and make her family happy and possibly be happy herself - except WE ARE KILLING HER, by witholding food and water from her. Barbaric and disgusting. It shows the culture of death that we as a society are descending into.

Check out - I'm sure the debate is raging there still.

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