Friday, April 01, 2005

Anyone remember this?

It's Friday Night!
And The Mood Is Right!
Gonna Have Some Fun!
Show Ya How It's Done!

Wow...Friday nights used to be big stay in nights lol to watch awesome TGIF shows.

The original line up was:

Full House
Family Matters
Perfect Strangers
Just the Ten of Us

There was also also a show with Heather Locklear that was short lived. And My Wish about a genie. Babytalk a spin off on Look Who's Talking. Dinosaurs...which ended depressingly when they recreated the meteors hitting and everyone died lol. Interesting enough were the spinoffs. Perfect Strangers came first, then Famiyl Matters was a spin off of that (Harriet was the elevator woman in PS), then Urkel jet-packed off into Step By Step. He also had cameos in Full House, and a few other shows. Good memories...


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