Thursday, September 22, 2005

Paris Hilton...a lying ho.

Paris Hilton recently bragged to US magazine that she and her family had donated 6 million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

And according to Radar Online, "Some US staffers were skeptical about the boast - as were Hilton's own handlers, who sources say warned her about repeating the sketchy-sounding claim. 'She just flat-out lied,' griped one incredulous reporter. "Did she think no one would bother to check?'"

In reality, a 6 million dollar donation was made through the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, a charitable trust set up by the Hilton family patriarch in 1944, back when kids in knickers played that game where they run with a hoop and a stick, and never in a million years did he imagine that any blood of his would turn his name into the punch line of every slut joke told in the next millenium.

Needless to say, Paris has no affiliation with the trust. She sits on no board, she has no access to the funding and has no say in when or where funds are distributed. And, more to the point, the donation didn't cost her a dime. That 6 million didn't come from her bankroll. So, Paris may do something that helps the Gulf Coast, but only incidentally. In a Butterfly Effect kind of way. Like if she swallows some guys semen, and then they guy has to go to a doctor for the burning and then the doctor has a breakthrough in treating dysentery. So, in that sense, if Paris can help by having a guy pee on her or write their initials on her back, she's more the willing to help.

Way to go still lose at life.


Anonymous said...
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ummmm it's me, i swear it is.. really... it's me :) said...

fuck yeah! good onya Pete... paris will always be a stoopid slut..she is sofa king re todd ed.. sofa king OOPS! i have 2 exams tomorrow , better start studying.. (doncha just miss SU?)