Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This entry is dedicated to Jay Benati...and the Rap Snacks we discovered in Syracuse, NY.

There was a Fark contest recently to photoshop Rap Snacks...and I thought he'd get a kick out of this.

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Jay, aka Dr DRunk, aka why buy a xmas tree when ther's plenty in Thorden park said...

RAP SNAX RULE !!!!!!!! just like hittin up yer local loc'd out salvo for some last minute party gear & then getting ripped off by Sabastinko's when I buy 33 40's for some art show & have to keep going out onto the icy RH roof to keep them cold & keep hoping that roy & handyCAP Bob Villa actually nailed the gutters to the roof cause I kept sliding into them just cause people couldn't make room in the fridges for the 40's... which i lost $$$ on & wound up getting MAD sick & not being able to eat any RH thankxgivin that year... hell Rich made assorted ramen, Cat made some gourd soup & served it in the pumpkin, hallie made some cranberry sauce & thought it was the shit cause it "wasn't from a can" yet she didn't like it when i put that shit on her shelf cause she left it rotting in the living room for a week... shit even Olaf was grimacing- BAH.. gotta luv the good ol' days