Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yet another article about political pandering over violence in video games.

If there are any politicians, consultants or aides reading this blog, print this post and tack it up on your wall.

Here’s my warning. If you propose legislation about violence in video games, I will vote against you. If you blame video games for the next school killing, I’ll vote for your foe, Democrat or Republican. If you make a speech in which you blame society’s ills on video games, I will donate $200 to your rival, even if the race isn’t in my district. Hear that, Ms. Clinton?

Why should you take me seriously? Because I’m in my mid-20s, I live in an affluent suburb, I pay very close attention to the school ratings in my neighborhood, I look at my tax bills closely, I vote in every election — and I know “violence in video games” is a favorite bullshit political tactic to draw attention away from what politicans really should be fixing: underfunded schools and lack of decent health care for poorer kids.

Another reason to take me seriously: I know I’m not alone in disgust as an adult gamer. At this point there are more adults playing video games, including those who have kids, than innocent, impressionable fanboys. We’re perfectly aware of what to expect when a game has an “M” ESRB rating. We know what our kids can play.

So thank for your concern, Governor Granholm and Assemblyman Yee. But get the @)@#! out of my living room — and out of elected office.

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