Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All Your Halo Are Belong To Us

Bungie has posted some stats regarding how many Halo 2 games have been played since November 9th 2004. To date 324,362,454 games have been played online. Or 21,006 years worth. Longer than human existence.

Personally speaking though, this is the most horrifying statistic: The Halo player who has played the most games to date (his identity will remain secret in order to protect his job) has played a staggering, mind-boggling 14,919 games, spending an average of six hours per day, and playing around 71 games. Per day. Now that guy is a freak. Seriously.

Most popular maps:

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Anonymous said...

You wrote: "Can anyone confirm this? If so I'm off to Walmart right after work lol."

Here's your answer:

Peter said...

Thanks a lot :P It's a little late for me to get there today, but maybe tomorrow I can find an excuse. Target you suck this week! lol get with the console wars :P