Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So besides writing an advice column, submitting articles for Kotaku, and reviewing games/movies from time to time I post on the GameFaqs forums, either q's or helping those in games who are clueless. This post about what I can only imagine must be Grand Theft Auto takes the cake for stupidity.

Posted originally by Crying Freeman
"im drive my car im very long in the road beacause i want see the map of the area. im tour the place on the city. my car is faster and faster the city is beuatifuly many tree pepole and many car. when i am my car is on the side i harm the other pepole on the car and get they car my car. when i get they car the police i have 1 star and the police is run me! i run run run the police is run in my back. when i am on the road i hitted a motorbick i get they motorbike and the police is no more. i drive again my bike on the city and i harm the drive in the van. i ride again the van im on the mountain i scared me on the mountain beacause darkest evening rain now! i fast beaecause i scare me. i fly my van on the mountain! oh jesus! im land on car the police run me again!! i run i get car of police i fly my car police in the lake. i swimming the lake 2minutes!!! i walk the road and i have 4 star!!! why?!! why i have 4 star?!! i swimming only!!!"

Reminds me of scams run out of Nigeria...lol

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