Friday, October 28, 2005 forums amuse me too much sometimes. The actor, William Hootkins, who played Jek Porkins in Star Wars: A New Hope died recently of Pancreatic cancer. Here is the choice comments on that story:

I always thought his weight problem reflected poorly on the rebels.
I thought I felt a fat disturbance in the force.
If I ever started a band, I wanted to name them "Eject Porkins."
I always wanted to see some food wrappers fly around if he did a barrel roll.
Stay on target Porkins... stay on target.
The first casualty of the Battle of Yavin. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.
I loved porkins. Why couldn't he hold it? HE SAID HE COULD!!! WHY DID HE LIE!?!?! god take me instead!
Okay, I'm not a Star Wars fan, but since I was a little kid, I've always wondered why they used such a big guy in an X-wing fighter. I mean seriously, what was the reasoning behind that? You'd think his weight would hinder the manuverability of such a spacecraft.
Crash and burn, Porkins. I'll see you again on the big Death Star in the Sky.

from IMDB:

EverQuest II (2004) (VG) (as Bill Hootkins) .... Generic Male Barbarian Merchant, Generic Male Dark Elf, Generic Male Dwarf, Generic Male Erudite Merchant, Generic Male Gnome Merchant, Generic Male Half Elf Guard, Generic Male Halfling, Generic Male High Elf, Generic Male Human Merchant, Generic Male Iksar Merchant, Generic Male Kerran Merchant, Generic Male Ogre Guard, Generic Male Ratonga Merchant, Generic Male Troll Merchant, Generic Male Wood Elf

He was also in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman, and a River Runs Through it-not to mention a slew of voicework.

RIP Porkins we miss you.

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