Friday, October 07, 2005

Lindsay Loahn doll to be available this Christmas. (Smashed Mercedes and alcoholic father doll sold separately)

And apparently Britney has claimed she doesn't think Kevin is mature enough to be a father. Seeing that he was such a worthless father to his first two kids, I don't know why she thought he'd be any different with this one. I mean he's a loser...she's an about the pot in the kettle. I feel bad for PMS-Federline. Maybe Britney was smoking pot *through* a kettle when she got knocked up.

And Katie Holmes! Ok, fine Tom. We believe you. You're not really gay. Great, now go away. That thing is going to burst out of Katie's chest, hand out copies of Dianetics and escape through the ventilation shaft. THe best is that Katie can't "scream." It's against the religion.

Scientology believes in not touching the infant, or touching it as little as possible, and it's more than the "first few days". It's really full of alot of cultish make-you-dependant-on-the-instituation but emotionally stunting you crap like that.

At any rate, that no screaming thing is just hilarious... In other news: L. Ron hubord was not a woman.

I hope she doesn't get post-partum depression. Oh wait, Tom said that's fake so it must be.

/end sarcasm

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Stacey said...

I even have a t-shirt that says, "What is scientology? ....No, seriously?" that I'm quite proud of. I wish California would just break off and float away so the f'n retards can leave the normal people in peace.