Monday, October 10, 2005

So I think this is the coolest gadget/invention/technosexual necessity I've seen in awhile. Enter the PowerSquid! I've got a lot of electronics...PCs, monitors, stereo, video game systems, chargers for tons of gadgets....and they all require e-lec-tricity. Now obviously unless you've got a freaky house just FULL of outlets and don't mind spreading your technology all around the house, you're going to need a lot of outlets to plug all those jiggys into.

The majority of my gadgets reside in my bedroom near the computer. I think all told the number of outlets I need is around 18-20. A standard powerstrip or surge protector houses about 5 outlets. Most of my gadgets have odd or annoying boxy-shaped adapters tha allow for maybe 3 of those outlets to be used, while effectively covering up the others. Some genius (I think he IS a genius because this may be the one of the best things I've bought in awhile) decided to create short cords extending from the actual base unit so that you *could* utilize all 5 jacks. Love it.

If you've got a nightmare of wires and cables look into one. ThinkGeek's got 'em :)


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