Friday, November 04, 2005

From Kotaku:

Gamestay has tracked down a source inside EB Games that is telling them that the chain is getting a total of 40,000 Xbox 360’s nationwide. While that may sound like a whole heaping, Gamestay is reporting that total pre-orders number 75,000. Sounds like things are going to be getting ugly at EB come Nov 22.

Here’s the breakdown:

GameStop: 18 at one store, despite 90 pre-orders. ( VE reports that GS employee tells them that everything’s fine and they will be able to fulfill all preorders.

Target: 10 to 50 Xbox 360s depending on average volume of store.

Best Buy: 20 to 60 Xbox 360s with a larger shipment coming “later that week.”

Wal-Mart: 10 to 50.

::sigh:: I hope I get mine on launch. Peter really wants his on launch. I've never gotten any system on launch day so it would be kinda cool.

In other news flying down to Atlanta this Sunday. Business training all week. Don't really want to go but I DO want to take the training course we're getting. I should have had this course last February...!

Started playing World of Warcraft. Interesting game and I'm having a lot of fun so far. All you Syracusians sorry we couldn't make it up for Halloween or Homecoming. Check out myself and Jess though. We did well for scrambling for costumes last minute. We were supposed to be Fred and Wilma Flintstone but the costumes never ever fit.
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