Friday, November 18, 2005

Here are some funny XBox360 forum posts about the power "brick" adapter. Cracked me up. Love those XB Fanboys.

The brick reminds me of the power generators on Hoth...

-Tie it to the ankles of your enemies, locate the Hudson River and perform your own mob hit!

-Slide it across the floor and turn on the 360 so the power brick opens up and sucks in ghosts.

-Get it confiscated by the FBI because they mistake it for a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

-Xbox360 Power Supply Tossing: The NeXt Olympic Sport.

-"Take it to the Airport and set it down"

-That's a power cord? I thought they were giving away the old Xbox with the new one!

-In case of car failure use it for an emergency backup battery.

-Can we say Flux Capacitor?

-I'm not sure a Delorean has the necessary horsepower to haul that thing.

-Some say that Noah, with the help of God, made the original power brick which he used to survive the great flood.

-Don't worry, there will be plenty of human sacrifices available when store clerks announce "Sorry folks, that's all the 360's we have!" on launch night. The floors of retail stores all over the country will run with enough human blood in the ensuing riots to sate the malicious thirst of the power brick for years to come!

-Have you thought about counseling together? Even though it is an almighty system, it has no right to make you feel inferior or beat you. You are an equal partner in the relationship between you and your XBOX, don't let it make you feel different.

-It seems to me that a power brick on your front porch is an advertisement that you own a 360, which I think would actually entice burglars... Of course, they'd need the power brick to play it, and they couldn't lift the power brick without a power brick, and if they already had a power brick, chances are they already have a 360....

-The brick must be destroyed! I will take the brick into Mordor and cast it into Mount Doom!

-Take it to the airport and chock the wheels of aircraft


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