Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So it's official...I *will* be getting my 360 Launch Day. I called to double-check and this is how it's going to work:

The system launches technically on Tuesday September 22, 2005. So Monday evening around 9/10 pm I'll be heading to my Electronics Boutique Express to "get a number" which determines what space "in line" you get yours. Funny (and LUCKY) thing is it won't be that ridiculous. We're talking under 50 people here. I asked the guy today how many launch systems they were expecting and when he sounded doubtful of 50 I asked 30, to which he muttered under his breath "Lower than that." So I'll definitely get it launch "minute" and as an added bonus there won't be any ridiculous wait line. ::shudders at memory of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas wait line::


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