Sunday, November 13, 2005

So I stopped off at EB tonight to trade in my XBox and the extra controller. I've been a little forlorn since it was very unlikely I'd be receiving mine on Launch Day this coming Thursday. So I'm there and I'm going through the whole routine...Last name Palumbo. P-A-L-U-M-B-O. "Peter?" (The one guy knows me by name since I've been in often enough trading up towards the 360. I haven't paid a lick of cash yet for this sytem. The PSP went as well since I haven't played (or even booted it up save to update the firmware)in about 4 months. So the guy says he thought the name was familiar. "I was just about to call you." I figured it was to tell me when the next shipment would be (I would have been surprised if they even knew that) but he says the other employee can't afford his, so I was next on the list...bumped up. I'll get my XBox 360 Launch Day. w00t!

So as of tonight this is all paid off:
-Premium system
-3 extra wireless controllers
-Play and charge kit
-Perfect Darko Zero

That totally made my month. I finally got a chance to play the system they had set up there (since the last 3x I've been there there was no monitor lol) and gave "Kameo" a spin. Very interesting game and lives upto all the hype. So Monday I'll have to stop there and get a "number." Then Wednesday night 12am they're releasing the system...which depending on how good my # is that I pick up I'll get it then or launch day. I'm definitely excited :P

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