Monday, October 23, 2006

I thought this was MySpace?

I've been on MySpace for a long long time. I started out with Friendster and it's sad that site didn't take off as well. They had the initial idea, Tom just came along and did it better. They added a lot in recent months to the functionality, but if it's not too little it's certainly too late.

For the most part MySpace is a good deal but I do have some gripes. There are certain individuals out there, (and I won't mention any names) who have profiles more colorful, jarring and crammed full of the worst scotch-taped HTML I've ever seen. These are the same people who have Ms. New Booty blaring the second I load up their page. Or rather 15 minutes after I load their page, since that's how long it takes to load these saturated epilepsy-fests. Auto-start is an annoying thing, I don't want my ears blown out and 99% of the time I'm not going to want to hear your song, no matter how introspective it is or what it might mean to you. I'm glad you found Sexybeast by Justin TimbaJackson, but please keep Justin in your pants where he belongs.

Now I don't mind this on BAND pages...since the whole point is to rep your band and get yourself some exposure. For instance I had a few band friend requests from guys who legitimately thought I'd like their sound. One was a guy who was coined as very similar to the Barenaked Ladies. Another was similar to U2, and yet another along the Pearl Jam lines. I actually did like their tunes and was happy to get that random friend request.

However when I get UnOrThOdOxxxXXxxxxx from the UK, for no reason (it's not like I list NAS, XZIBIT, Jay-Z, or Eminem as my favorites) that annoys me. It clutters up my inbox. If I want to hear about the gang-life of the streets of London, I'll send YOU a friend wanker.

Truth be told MySpace is a large part of how I keep in touch with college friends. I've reconnected with a ton of people I knew from as far back as elementary school. it's odd that in an age where it was said the internet would isolate us it really is creating a whole new plane of social interaction.

Now if we can just keep the pedophiles off we'll be in business.

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