Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So I guess Bluetooth headsets suddenly aren't so GEEKY.

A recent study shows that men who use their cellphones more than 4 hours a day have a drastically reduced sperm cell count that could, in time, lead to infertility. This isn't exactly surprising news. Holding radiation next to your head is going to have SOME effect and if it isn't cranial tumors, hair loss, or incompetency, well our little sailors were next.

I'm glad my LG phone is about to kick the bucket, and I'm up for a new one next month. By then the LG Chocolate flip phone should be out which, thank the cellphone Gods, supports Bluetooth. So now I can look goofy and have dozens of people think I talk to myself every day too!

But at least I'll be virile bitches!

Cell Phones BAD!

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