Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So the iPod turned 5 yesterday. And what a wonderful 5 years it's been. Little did I know how important their tech would become to me.

My exposure to Macs and Apple had been pretty limited in the past. In middle school I remember using Apple II comptuers, and then the precursors to the iMacs. We used them mainly in computer class in school and not for anything much crazier than that CoolPix program. Heck I was still swimming around on a 286 creating adventures with the Adventure Construction Set, or playing countless Sierra titles like King's Quest and Space Quest

I used Macs a bit more in high school since our computer labs had both PC and Macs. I wasn't a huge fan since OS 9 was clunky and tended to crash a lot. When OS X rolled around I was more impressed. However I credit myself to having an iPod before any of my friends even knew what one was. That's right the clunky MECHANICAL scroll wheel, the hideous black and white display! It was a 2cd Gen. That lasted until the 3rd gen, which I went through 2 of due to defects. I moved onto the 4th gen click-wheel. Then the iPods went bucknuts and I couldn't stop them from mating. So now I've got that 4th Gen clickwheel, a 5th gen video, a 1st gen nano, and a 2cd gen Nano. The 1st gen nano is on it's way out to be sold to some lesser poor fortunate soul in need of a technology update.

Now the iPod wasn't the first hard-drive mp3-player on the market. I remember Creative's Zen being out there early on. But it was HUGE and clunky, and I think it took AA batteries. The iPod won me over because it looked easy to use, clean and pristine in it's milky white ensemble. I was a fan from the start. It turns out it WASN'T so easy to use in the beginning, simply because iTunes hadn't been released for Windows at that time and I was still flying solo-Microsofto. And I think we all know Musicmatch Media player sucks big ass. When iTunes DID come out towards my senior year of college, it blew me away. Finally an easy way to tag my music and transfer it to my iPod. Even some fun alternate apps like a top news feed uploader and a weather updater. (In Syracuse knowing the weather is a HUGE deal before you step out into the arctic abyss)

Now 5 years later I still use my iPods daily, whether it's the staple in my car (I haven't listened to FM in about 4 years), podcasts at work, at the gym or while running, or at parties when "Mr. Music" is called upon to liven things up. And there's no end in sight, they'll keep improving them until they become self aware, just about the same time Google will do the same. And then we're all dead. But at least I've spun in a circle in a meadow for awhile with you iPod. At least for awhile.

Happy Birthday iPod. I love you.

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