Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Apparently people don't learn. That or they don't read things on the interwebs. Or get out of their house to chat at the water-cooler or the diner, or Wal-Mart. Wherever you kids hang out these days.

To avoid your Wiimote inflicting MASSIVE DAMAGE like this:
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Some smart weaver/braider posted this Wiimote hack on Flickr to add braided fishing line as a backup. Looks like it'd work too. I wrote a lengthy comment on Kotaku 2 weeks ago regarding the bevy of broken straps on Wiimotes. (Check that here)

The sciencey part of what I had to say:

When used properly, the strap does it's job. If you fasten that little sliding bezel it gives the strap more "grounding," (been a long time since i thought physics-wise, so if someone can explain this better and understands what I'm getting at go for it) and a larger tension area to distribute energy when it changes from potential to kinetic. Simply put, most of the force is exerted throughout the ENTIRE strap not just the little connector When worn properly. When it's not fastened properly you're basically treating the Wiimote like a bullwhip, a sharp acceleration following by an abrupt stop. All that force is exerted onto the little strap!

This guys hack basically provides more tensile strength and a larger area for it to be distributed across as well as a fail-safe (that should not break unless you're a 500lb catfish) should you snap the connecting string on the wrist strap.

Seriously though at this point gamers have seen the'd think they'd tone down their XTREME B0wLiNg!

Give Your Wiimote a Weave Sista-Girl!

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