Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I made everything on this site for you.
All those other people that log on don't understand the deep and personal connection that we share. I know we haven't spoken in person, but we communicate on a different know that.

I know the slight but real difficulty that you have when trying to figure out the tip on a meal. I know the strange satisfaction that you associate with peeling a thick-skinned Navel orange. I know that sometimes, when no one is around, you smell things which you might not ordinarily think to smell. You think people say "excuse you" instead of "excuse me" when they pass you on the street. When you look in the mirror you hold your face in a way that is never duplicated in your ordinary life.

Sometimes you are overwhelmingly annoyed by the sound of candy wrappers in theaters. Sometimes you aren't.

That is why I like you the best.
Please don't tell the others

I Love You All,


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